False Flag Operations: Past, Present and the Inevitable Future

Source: Truth Survival – 06/13/2011

False Flag Operations have been a strategic method of Elite Governments to gain control on many platforms through out history. One of the earliest accounts of a False Flag Operation taking place is in 47 BC when Julius Caesar used a series of riots and arson attacks that he paid for and commanded to destabilize the Roman Republic before marching his Legions across the Rubicon and into Rome, where he took power and declared himself Emperor.

That may indeed be the earliest one known but since this kind of operation is so effective it seems plausible that even earlier in Human history there have been others.

United States history is filled with False Flag Operations since almost the beginning of our country. There are theories going all the way back to the Battle of Tripoli and carrying through the Civil War, Spanish-American War all the way to present time. If you had asked most people prior to the Sept. 11th, 2001 operation, where the World Trade Center and Pentagon were “attacked”, if they had heard of a False Flag Operation they would have most likely said no. There is a good reason for that due to the fact that an operation of that size had not taken place since our government purposely ignored the Intel received that the Naval Japanese Armada was planning an attack on Pearl Harbor. That was about 70 years ago and most Americans who were alive back then were not during 9/11.

Here is a brief video history of these kinds of operations:

False Flag Operations fall under the umbrella of Black Operations. Black Operations are of course Above Top Secret covert operations done by such special forces as the U.S. Navy SEALS, Delta Force, CIA, DEA and the rest of the military branches as well as other government agencies. Black Operations are utilized for a number of reasons and I will name just a few. It is important to understand that most Black Operations are executed through the Pentagon but on some occasions it is a Military Industrial Complex Co-Op. By that I mean the Pentagon will work jointly with a private multinational company or institution if there is the opportunity for both sides to gain something out of it. Such Black Operations are assassinations, industrial espionage, force reconnaissance, Psy-Ops, Abductions, Drug Trafficking, False Flag Operation and more. One prime example is if a nation is having a serious situation with their economy and the only way to get out of it is through an agreement with an outside country and/or source by which if the country in trouble executes a False Flag to invoke a war which causes financial gain then that said country will be bailed out. This same scenario has been conducted by the U.S. government on more than one occasion and it could very well happen again…and real soon.

How about another video before I continue.

By now most know what kind of Operations in this category take place but what maybe less known are the multitude of outcomes sought after for further use of the accomplished mission. Let us just briefly look at Sept. 11th, 2001 for a moment. The operation took place for a number of reasons from financial to further implementation of the Police State of the U.S. Just shortly before the attack it was reported that the Pentagon had quite a lot of our tax money unaccounted for. What happened? The office area of the Pentagon that was filled with the Department of Defense auditors were “taken out”. How convenient. We also watched the PATRIOT Act get rushed through Washington D.C. literally over night. Then came the integration of dozens of Federal agencies to form the Department of Homeland Security. The Transportation Security Administration was born as well. The “attack” caused a public outcry to allow the controllers to roll out the troops in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001 and then Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.Then there is the crucial Fear Factor which is the greatest effect of a False Flag Operation.

Lately I have been trying to not use the term Sheeple for all of these walking Zombies because to be quite honest…I don’t want to insult the Sheep anymore. The most common outcome after these operations is the massive fear. Suddenly and even before the dust had settled in New York City, all of these people came out of their caves to wave Admiralty flags and demand our government go kill those evil brown people. A lot of these people most likely couldn’t even recite the Pledge of Allegiance or know what the Fourth Amendment is. Yet there they were in a crowd of Fear induced mind control like droves of zombies calling for blood. This detrimental effect is known as BLIND PATRIOTISM. Blind Patriotism is the biggest upside the executors of a False Flag get because while everyone is angry and scared of this “enemy” the government is implementing the REAL agenda. As much as I dislike saying it, False Flag Operations when done correctly are very effective. Why do I say that? Because I know from personal experience. I have a few more stories to share but first I will share an interview I did that covers extensively what I am discussing in this report.

One short story for you.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before but in late 2001/early 2002 I with my team was deployed from our base to the Puget Sound to conduct further missions under Operation Spyglass (MILAB). Upon arriving we were diverted to Seattle, Washington to “Standby for further instructions”. It’s a long story but to be brief we were to meet a small fishing vessel at a pier in Seattle where a small cargo of “goods” (explosives) were to be transported to a large van. Our mission was Command & Control as well as insuring the carry out of this mission. The target was simple and the plan was to divert blame towards Al Qeada. Our target was the Seattle Space Needle and immediate area of the park. As I said it is a long story but a change of plans occurred and instead it turned into a Psychological Operation False Flag to boost the FEAR FACTOR of the American people. Shortly afterward small blips popped up in the media of “Intelligence that Al Qaeda had plans to target the Space Needle along with other West Coast locations”. We diverted the operation and went to a contingency plan where there were several Fall Guys who were immediately arrested.

I can think of quite a few False Flag Operations I was a part of but won’t discuss them all in this report. What people need to understand is that most of these kinds of operations happen much more covertly and are on a much smaller scale. False Flag Operations happen everyday across the globe and the majority are executed through the United States. They even happen domestically such as the operation I helped plan and execute in late 2008 which took place in Southern California. It involved the U.S. Marine Corps and a caravan of unmarked United Nation military vehicles. That is all I will say for now until a later time when I will discuss it in it’s entirety.

Let us now look at a couple of current events that are possibilities for the next major False Flag Operation. Last month under the Czar Obama Administration the new Worldwide War Act (National Defense Authorization Act) passed and if the slight chance enough people in this country rise up against it then the Pentagon will just throw another False Flag at us. I see this highly likely to happen soon considering the fact that all the elements of the equation are present. The country is in an Economic Collapse, the Police State agenda is close to full implementation and people are becoming more disgusted with the government. The fact that the government is still waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we are in yet another illegal war with Libya. Not to mention the fact that our government is and has been in a covert war in Yemen. Now the controller’s eyes are on Syria.

Recently I came across a video with friend and colleague Bob Tuskin discussing some interesting similarities of the WTC and the Willis Tower (Chicago Sears Tower). I have not yet made a decision whether or not this could indeed be the next target but it is still worth viewing.

At this time I cannot honestly say for sure who, what, where or how the next False Flag Operation will happen but what I am strongly seeing based on my own personal experience and all that is currently going on that we are facing one very soon. As much as I dislike saying that I feel it is my responsibility to inform you all. One thing I do suggest is to research the similarities of these past operations. Take a good look at what happened before, during, after and what the final outcome was. These can be clues that may lead us to the next target. It is kind of a code breaker I have developed through the Forbidden Vault which allows me to bring the very best information I can to my fellow Humans. Remember that knowledge is a weapon.

Forbidden Vault file on False Flag Operations

Forbidden Vault file on Mineral Management Service BP FOIA Documents

As I always say it is important that people do not panic and if the next False Flag Operation does strike us on U.S. soil we must remain calm and not let the fear takeover. Instead we must fight back and demand complete and REAL transparency of our government. I will do all I can to continue to follow the red flags and clues to when the next one will be so until then stay vigilant my fellow Humans because the last thing we need is a major engineered catastrophe.


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